Stefan Leichenauer

Chris Bates

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Chris Bates has been in the cyber security/information technology field since 1996. Most recently, he served as the Chief Trust and Security Officer for SentinelOne. In this role, he was responsible for all security and trust functions at SentinelOne. Chris joined SentinelOne in 2016 when it was a Series B company. He held various leadership positions in GTM, Product, Cybersecurity, and IT. As part of the leadership team, Chris helped scale the company to the largest cybersecurity IPO to date in 2021.

Before SentinelOne, Chris held technical leadership roles at various companies, including Nike, Fidelis Cybersecurity (General Dynamics), NuScale Power, Xerox, and ACS. Chris started in the technology field in 1996 helping build some of the first Internet Service Providers in Central Oregon.