Kit Yee Au-Yeung

Luca Ferrara

General Manager of Quantum Navigation

Luca Ferrara brings a wealth of experience as a product leader dedicated to advancing cutting-edge AI and quantum (AQ) technologies.

As General Manager of the Quantum Navigation group at SandboxAQ, he oversees the development of our quantum-based magnetic anomaly navigation system that enables safe, accurate, and uninterrupted geospatial navigation for military, government, and commercial applications. From autonomous vehicles to exploratory missions in underwater or underground environments, this innovative technology thrives in scenarios where GPS signals are either unavailable, denied, or susceptible to spoofing. 

Before joining SandboxAQ, Luca was a Product Manager at X, the moonshot factory at Google, where he led several transformative AI projects. Prior to X, Luca served as an Associate Lead in Google’s Cloud Sales Strategy and Planning group.

Luca began his career in financial services, supporting the equity derivatives groups at UBS and Goldman Sachs. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, Econometrics, and Statistics from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.