About SandboxAQ

In the tech and data intelligence worlds, a sandbox is where innovation is born. It’s a place where the brightest free-thinking minds from across disciplines come together to reimagine what’s possible. A collaborative environment where the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of the parts.

At SandboxAQ, this forward-looking vision is core to everything we do. It’s how we became who we are and it’s how we know our solutions can shift the way your business competes in tomorrow’s marketplace. As the world enters the third quantum revolution, AI + Quantum software will address significant business and scientific challenges.

SandboxAQ is an enterprise SaaS company, providing solutions at the nexus of AI and Quantum technology (AQ) to address some of the world's most challenging problems. The company's core team and inspiration formed at Alphabet Inc., emerging as an independent, growth-capital-backed company in 2022.

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Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt
Chairman, Board of Directors
Nadia Carlsten
Dr. Nadia Carlsten
VP of Product
Stefan Leichenauer
Dr. Stefan Leichenauer
VP of Engineering
Suzannah Radack
Suzannah Radack
VP of People & Operations
Suzannah Radack
Fernando Dominguez
VP of Global Outreach
Jen Sovada
Jen Sovada
President of Global Public Sector
Chris Hume
Chris Hume
Sr. Director of Business Operations
Marc Manzano
Dr. Marc Manzano
GM of Cybersecurity
Nadia Harhen
Nadia Harhen
GM of AI Simulation
Luca Ferrara
Luca Ferrara
GM of Navigation

Our Investors

Eric Schmidt headshot
Eric Schmidt
Jim Breyer headshot
Jim Breyer
Marc Benioff headshot
Marc Benioff
Thomas Tull headshot
Thomas Tull
David Siegel headshot
David Siegel

Watch CEO Jack Hidary and Research Mathematician Tai-Danae Bradley discuss the origins and purpose of SandboxAQ.

The SandboxAQ Braintrust

  • Jim Breyer - Founder & CEO, Breyer Capital
  • Dr. John Seely Brown - Former Independent Co-Chair of Deloitte's Center for the Edge, former Amazon board member and Chief Scientist, Xerox PARC
  • Dr. Andrew Conrad - CEO, Verily and Co-founder of the National Genetics Institute
  • Dr. Taher Elgamal - CTO, Security at Salesforce.com, Co-founder of Nok Nok Labs and InfoSec Global, renowned cryptographer hailed as the "father of SSL"
  • Susan M. Gordon - Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
  • Andrew Harrison - Managing Partner, Section 32, formerly at X, the moonshot factory and Verily executive
  • Dr. Fei-Fei Li - Sequoia Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, former VP/Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google Cloud
  • Blythe Masters - Founding Partner at Motive Partners
  • Dr. Yossi Matias - Vice President, Engineering & Research at Google
  • Marc Porat - Visionary serial entrepreneur of six ventures including General Magic and PlanetX
  • Admiral John Richardson - Retired Admiral and former Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy
  • Admiral Mike Rogers - Retired Admiral, former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, and Director, National Security Agency
  • Eric Schmidt - Co-founder, Schmidt Futures and former Chairman and CEO of Alphabet
  • Teresa Shea - Former EVP of Technology at In-Q-Tel, and Director of Signals Intelligence, NSA
  • David Siegel - Co-founder and co-CEO, Two Sigma, board member, MIT
  • Thomas Tull - Founder & CEO of Tulco, LLC, former Founder & CEO of Legendary Entertainment
  • Frank Vettese - Co-founder, Summit North capital and advisory firm, former CEO of Deloitte
  • Wendy Tan White - CEO, Intrinsic, former VP at X, the moonshot factory