Kit Yee Au-Yeung

Dr. Kit Yee Au-Yeung

General Manager of Quantum Sensing

As a General Manager of Quantum Sensing at SandboxAQ, Kit leads a team to develop a radical new way to visualize how our body functions and enable faster, more precise medical diagnoses. With over 18 years experience in medtech development, Kit believes that the foundation of a great product is having a deep understanding of the users’ unmet needs and the ecosystem surrounding those needs. Her holistic approach in the zero-to-one phase allows her to grow teams and advance projects quickly and strategically. Her broad medtech experience spanning product management, clinical study design, regulatory and quality gives her a unique vantage point to tackle various challenges during medtech product development.

Kit has worked on a number of novel, provocative technologies, from microscopic, implantable sensors to detect glucose, to using EEG to diagnose depression and anxiety. She was part of the founding team of iRhythm Technologies (NASDAQ: IRTC), and created a non-invasive cardiac monitor that has served over five million patients to date. She has led cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious goals at startups and most recently, at X, the moonshot factory. She is an engineer at heart: she built telemetry systems to study atrial fibrillation in animal models in her graduate work.

Kit holds several patents, a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and has completed executive courses in Strategy and Product from Harvard and Stanford.