Nadia Harhen

General Manager of Simulation and Optimization

Nadia is the General Manager of Simulation and Optimization at SandboxAQ. By combining the versatility of AI with the accuracy of quantum simulation, she is radically shifting the rate and cost of drug, material, and chemical discovery. Nadia brings to bear a 15+ year career managing R&D, product, and regulatory operations across the life sciences and technology industries: combination device R&D at Johnson & Johnson; hardware and software products for a mixture of small and Fortune 100 companies targeting worldwide markets; and software as a medical device (SaMD) development for Google. This diverse background plays a critical role in her leadership opening new markets with SandboxAQ’s quantum and AI technologies.

Nadia’s R&D and product expertise intersects with a proven track record in the regulatory space. Working with a broad range of device classes, she has obtained regulatory clearance for products in more than 70 countries worldwide, including the US, EU, and Brazil. Most recently, she achieved the coveted CE mark for Google's first ML/AI medical device.

Throughout her career, Nadia has led efforts for small and Fortune 100 companies. She has a remarkable ability to manage operations and bring first in class, novel applications to market in highly regulated industries. This includes practical experience supporting multiple complex M&A efforts, including Google’s acquisition of Fitbit.

Nadia holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Rutgers University and a Master of Arts in Biotechnology from Columbia University. She leverages her academic and professional training to stay at the forefront of AI, quantum, and emerging technologies. Her contributions have advanced the safety, efficacy and access to diagnostic and treatment therapies worldwide.

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