Jack Hidary

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Hidary, CEO
Jack leads SandboxAQ, which focuses on enterprise SaaS solutions at the convergence of AI and Quantum tech.

He is the author of Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, published by Springer. This work, now in its Second Edition, is one of the leading textbooks in the field and is used both in undergraduate and PhD programs, as well as corporate training sessions. Hidary also co-authored a series of AI research papers with collaborators at MIT.

Jack is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of several tech companies, including EarthWeb/Dice (NYSE: DHX), which he led from its founding through IPO. He also co-founded Vista Research which was acquired by S&P/ McGraw-Hill.
He is a trustee of the X Prize Foundation and has been a board member of Trickle Up, which helps thousands of entrepreneurs start small businesses each year.

Jack has been recognized for his leadership by organizations such as the World Economic Forum and is a member of YPO. He studied neuroscience at Columbia and subsequently received the Stanley Fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience at NIH, where he worked on functional brain imaging and artificial neural networks.
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AI or Die: A Guide for Leaders
by Jack Hidary

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“Jack is a unique entrepreneur who combines strong vision, technical depth and pragmatic execution – the kind that comes only a few times in a generation – and we are proud to back him at Breyer Capital.”

Jim Breyer, founder & CEO, Breyer Capital

“I’m investing in Jack and SandboxAQ because of the scalability of its enterprise software. Jack is emulating the way Salesforce.com harnessed the cloud computing era and applying it to the quantum technology era.”

Marc Benioff, Chair, CEO and Co-Founder of Salesforce

“SandboxAQ is uniquely positioned to lead this transformation at scale for global impact. Jack is a world-class leader who has both the technical vision as well as the business acumen to deliver on this roadmap, and he has built a strong team to execute this mission.”

Eric Schmidt, former CEO and executive chairman, Alphabet Corp.

“SandboxAQ is focused on what we believe to be the sweet spot of innovation and with Jack Hidary’s leadership, Sandbox AQ is positioned to be a catalyst of innovation for decades to come!”

Jesse Coors-Blankenship, co-founder & managing partner, Parkway Venture Capital

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