Stefan Leichenauer

Dr. Stefan Leichenauer

Vice President of Engineering

Dr. Stefan Leichenauer, a trailblazer in AI and Quantum technologies, serves as the Vice President of Engineering and lead scientist at SandboxAQ. As the inaugural member of the Sandbox team at Alphabet, Stefan played a pivotal role in transforming theoretical concepts into tangible real-world applications. His visionary approach and technical acumen led to the initiation of groundbreaking projects, shaping the foundation of SandboxAQ solutions.

Stefan took on the responsibility of recruiting and nurturing teams of talented engineers and scientists dedicated to advancing SandboxAQ's technological solutions, providing strategic oversight to all projects, and ensuring their alignment with cutting-edge innovation. His dynamic leadership extends beyond the technical domain as his team collaborates with the partnerships team, contributing to impactful external engagements. Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries, Stefan Leichenauer remains a driving force in the evolution of SandboxAQ's breakthrough solutions.

Stefan received his Ph.D. in Physics from UC Berkeley, and has held positions in Physics at UC Berkeley and Caltech as a leading researcher. He maintains a close connection with academia through the SandboxAQ Ph.D. Residency and Postdoc programs.