Stefan Leichenauer

Vice President of Engineering

Dr. Stefan Leichenauer is the Vice President of Engineering and lead scientist at SandboxAQ. Stefan joined the Sandbox team at Alphabet as its first employee to bring AI and Quantum technologies to real-world applications, initiating all of the projects that have become the SandboxAQ product portfolio. He recruited teams of engineers and scientists to further develop the SandboxAQ products and became head of Research and Engineering, overseeing all of their projects. Today he drives all product development at SandboxAQ. Stefan is also the bridge between the engineering and business/strategy divisions of SandboxAQ and works closely with the partnerships team to craft external engagements.

Stefan received his Physics from UC Berkeley, and has held positions in Physics at UC Berkeley and Caltech as a leading researcher. He maintains a close connection with academia through the SandboxAQ PhD Residency and Postdoc programs.