Dr. Marc Manzano

General Manager of Quantum Security

Marc Manzano leads the quantum security group at Sandbox. His current research interests include post-quantum cryptography, lightweight cryptography, fully-homomorphic encryption, the intersection between machine learning and cryptanalysis, performance optimizations of cryptographic implementations on a wide range of architectures, and quantum algorithms. He has presented more than 25 articles at international conferences, published more than ten journal papers, and collaborated on several scientific books related to cryptography and computer networks security.

Over the past ten years, Dr. Manzano has led the development of many secure cryptographic libraries and protocols. Dr. Manzano was formerly a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, and before that, he was the Vice President of the Cryptography Research Centre at the Technology Innovation Institute, a UAE-based scientific research center. Prior to that, he held several positions where he was responsible for implementing pivotal cryptographic components of a variety of secure communication products, including an electronic voting platform.

Dr. Manzano holds a Ph.D. in Computers Network Security, which he earned under the supervision of the University of Girona (Spain) and Kansas State University (United States). He earned an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Girona (Spain), while he did research stays at UC3M (Spain) and at DTU (Denmark). He initiated his research career while finalizing his BSc in Computer Engineering at Strathclyde University (UK).