SandboxAQ at
World Economic Forum, Davos

Thanks to our fellow Davos attendees from the public and private sectors as we collaborate on solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges through the powerful combination of AI and quantum (AQ) technologies.

While frontier technologies such as AI and quantum are generating breakthroughs in healthcare, clean energy, materials science and more, they also run the risk of widening the global quantum divide. SandboxAQ was proud to collaborate with WEF to develop a blueprint for building equitable national quantum ecosystems so that everyone can benefit from AQ’s transformative capabilities.

We hosted two packed lunches, participated in many panel discussions, made a number of exciting announcements, and contributed to several articles and papers for WEF.

In case you missed us, here is a recap:


Quantum's Black Swan Event at the World Economic Forum

AI for Equality: Democratizing

AI for Equality: Democratizing Education to Bridge Workforce Gaps Worldwide

The future of AI lies beyond large language models, says CEO of quantum tech group SandboxAQ

The Future of AI Lies Beyond Large Language Models, Says CEO of SandboxAQ

What is SandboxAQ video

Live Davos 2024: The Playbook For An AI-Led Future | Artificial Intelligence

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