SandboxAQ - Sandwich

Agile Cryptography for Developers

Sandwich is an open source, unified API that removes the complexity of cryptographic libraries for developers and instead lets them call on the API to do the heavy lifting. With Sandwich, developers can create their own stack, or “sandwich,” of protocols and implementations that becomes available as a cohesive cryptographic object.

Sandwich supports multiple languages, C++, Rust, Python, and Go, and the cryptographic libraries OpenSSL and BoringSSL, as well as libOQS, to enable post-quantum as well as classical cryptography.

By supporting multiple languages and popular cryptography backend providers, the Sandwich API significantly reduces the amount of work developers have to do.

How to use Sandwich:

The protocols and implementations that are available at runtime are dependent on the choices that were made when compiling the Sandwich library. Developers will be able to compose their own sandwich, for choices and options they would like to have at runtime, giving them the ability to change configurations without having to re-compile their code.


To access Sandwich and review the documentation, visit the SandboxAQ GitHub repository.‍

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