Telecommunications providers stand at a pivotal crossroads in cybersecurity. As the stewards of vast data flows, telecom companies are both a prime target and a frontline defender against the rising tide of ransomware, data breaches, DDoS, and other evolving cyber threats, such as those posed by AI and, eventually, quantum computing.

$10.5 trillion USD
Expected cost of cybercrime in 20251

200 zettabytes
Amount of data to protect by 20252

What's at Stake?

Business Continuity. Customer Trust. Regulatory Compliance.

Regulated organizations often lack the appropriate tools to fully automate and scale cryptography compliance processes. Neglecting to address this shortfall may result in substantial financial penalties and the potential compromise of sensitive data.

Quantum Challenges on the Horizon

Telecom providers must also anticipate the coming quantum era, lead the substantial undertaking of transitioning to post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and protect against current Store Now, Decrypt Later (SNDL) attacks.

SandboxAQ AQtive Guard: Comprehensive, Modern Cryptography Management

Operationalizing Cryptographic Agility

Transition with Confidence: Supervised automation ensures a smooth transition to agile cryptography, reducing risks and enabling adherence to new requirements and standards, including post-quantum cryptography (PQC). Benchmarking tools help identify which PQC or hybrid algorithms offer the best protection with the least impact on network performance, operating costs and customer experience.

The Trusted Solution

AQtive Guard has been implemented across a broad range of heavily regulated industries, including major global banks, healthcare systems, telecommunications providers and the public sector – including the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Defense Information Systems Agency. Experience the power of modern cryptography management and cryptographic agility with SandboxAQ AQtive Guard—your shield against the evolving threats in the telecom sector.

Explore AQtive Guard’s comprehensive platform.

“By leveraging our partnership with SandboxAQ and their expertise in quantum and quantum-safe technology, we will continue to promote early implementation of quantum-safe networks.”

Ryuji Wakikawa, SoftBank Corp. Vice President and Head of the Research Institute of Advanced Technology

“Ultra-secure communication is becoming more and more essential and should be the top priority. SandboxAQ is not only highly skilled, but also ready for implementation … in industries that require high security.”

Ryuji Wakikawa, SoftBank Corp. Vice President and Head of the Advanced Technology Division

“The transition to implement PQC will take time and resources. We think it’s important to start acting now.”