AI & Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensing leverages the inherent instability of quantum states to detect minute changes in the physical world, including motion, electric, and magnetic fields that would otherwise be undetectable. By combining these properties with AI, quantum sensing applications can be developed for a broad range of industries, including healthcare, transportation, energy, sustainability, security, defense, and more. 

Some of the areas where quantum sensors have demonstrated great impact include:

Biomagnetic Sensing

  • Portable, non-invasive heart, brain, and organ scanning
  • Continuous medical monitoring (e.g., wearable devices)
  • Human/machine interfaces

Geophysical Sensing

  • Geo-magnetic location for aerospace, nautical, autonomous and other vehicle navigation
  • Underwater or underground detection, mapping and surveying
  • Mineral exploration
  • Early earthquake detection

Material Sensing

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT hardware diagnostics
  • Nanoparticle and energy detection
  • Environmental management

SandboxAQ works with some of the world’s foremost experts in AI + quantum technology (AQ). Our unmatched team, along with our deep ties with quantum leaders in academia, industry, and government, make SandboxAQ uniquely positioned to develop quantum sensing applications.

Quantum Sensors in Healthcare

Quantum sensors are empowering a revolutionary increase in sensitivity for biomedical devices and are creating new opportunities for signal analysis.
Our team has a vision to radically improve confidence and speed in each patient’s care decision in today’s healthcare systems. The first area we chose to tackle is the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Faster and more accurate diagnosis of diseases will require a new generation of imaging devices that can detect human physiology and, specifically, biopotentials with better sensitivity. This is made possible with the latest advancements in quantum sensors. The first generation of medical quantum sensors led to MRI for visualizing human anatomy. We’re working on the next generation of medical quantum sensors to visualize human physiology.
Quantum Sensors in Healthcare
Quantum Navigation

Quantum Navigation

SandboxAQ is leveraging our team’s deep expertise to develop new methods of global navigation based on Earth’s magnetic field as an alternative to Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

The characteristics of quantum sensors enable navigation in situations where GPS isn’t available due to line-of-sight obstructions or intentional denial of access (e.g., jamming or spoofing). Using quantum sensors to navigate based on Earth’s magnetic field has the advantages of being effectively unjammable, unspoofable, and all-weather, all without requiring a clear line of sight to the sky. When combined with existing technology, this adds resiliency and performance to the current state of position, navigation, and timing (PNT) technology.

Whether in the skies, on or below the seas, or on the road, navigation is a mission-critical capability for both military and non-military use cases. Improving the resiliency of land, air, and sea-based autonomous vehicles will make the world a safer place for all. The addition of a quantum-based, passive, and globally available navigation solution to the PNT toolbox will add significant capability across a wide range of scenarios.

Our Approach

So how does the “AI” part of “AQ” fit into the world of quantum sensing? AI is critical, in that it works to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and interpret the data captured by the sensors. In fact, AI expands on the existing best practices rather than replacing classic digital signal processing.

Since quantum sensors collect data at the atomic level, AI is needed to extract the useful signal and discard ambient “noise” generated by nearby electric currents, temperature changes, Earth itself, or motion.

Quantum sensors open up new frontiers of sensitivity, along with the potential for greater scale and complexity in data, and AI helps to wrangle this data into a usable form.
AI: Our Approach

The AQ Difference

SandboxAQ has built a team with some of the world’s foremost experts in AI + Quantum technology (AQ). We are delivering practical solutions to the market today, working with global enterprises as well as government organizations. We believe these partnerships are key to bringing this technology from the lab to the market. Our expertise and deep ties with quantum leaders in academia, industry, and the government make SandboxAQ uniquely qualified to deliver unmatched quantum sensing applications.

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