Life Sciences & Healthcare

Artificial intelligence and advanced computing are revolutionizing the life sciences and healthcare industries, from accelerating drug discovery and enabling enhanced medical imaging techniques to equipping organizations with robust cybersecurity tools that protect patient information, clinical data and intellectual property against damaging cyber attacks.

Drug Discovery

The road to new drug development is long, costly, and carries a high failure rate.


Cost to develop a single drug 1, 2


Time to develop a new drug 3


Clinical trial success rate 4

Medical Imaging

Standard diagnostic tools for heart conditions, such as ECG, have limited capabilities, while MRI machines are expensive with little mobility.


Deaths by cardiovascular disease annually 1


US ER visits for chest pain every year 2


Those ER patients who couldn't be accurately and quickly diagnosed using standard tools like ECG 3, 4


The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are high-priority targets for AI-powered ransomware and other cyber attacks.


Cost of a data breach in healthcare, the highest industry 1


Cost of downtime from ransomware since 2016 2


Rise in downtime since 2018 3

“SandboxAQ’s leapfrog technology could significantly impact both preclinical and clinical development of drugs, and we look forward to seeing how it could support us in delivering life-changing treatments to patients worldwide, faster.”

Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi

“The work that the SandboxAQ team is doing will have a significant and broad impact on the practice of cardiology, both in the outpatient clinic and the hospital.”

Dr. Clifton Watt, UCSF Cardiology

“SandboxAQ is … the only partner that I’ve seen deliver on first-in-class molecules. Their ability to do meaningful quantum chemistry computation on today’s hardware is critical.”

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer-winning cancer physician, Columbia University Medical Center

“SandboxAQ's unprecedented large-scale absolute free energy perturbation solution is transforming our virtual screening campaign execution and allowing us to profile in-silico more than 20,000 ligands per day.”

Dr. Klaus Klumpp, co-founder and president of Riboscience

“Our return on value from the SandboxAQ platform is substantial, as it is helping us get to clinical trials much faster with the best possible molecules for achieving a successful outcome.”

Dr. Stanley B. Prusiner, Nobel laureate and director of the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases, UCSF

Life Sciences Advisory Board

Dr. Geoff Ling
CEO, OnDemand Pharmaceuticals, Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins, DARPA Biotech

Dr. Samir N Khleif
Immunologist, Oncologist, Drug Discovery, NIH, Georgetown, Georgiamune

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee
Medical Oncology, Columbia

Dr. Mark Smith
Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Stanford, Sarafan ChEM-H, Roche

Dr. Steven Deitcher
CEO Bespoke Biotherapeutics

Dr. Patricia Weber
Structure-Based Drug Design expert

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