Simulation & Optimization

Quantum Simulation & Optimization (S&O) merges quantum- and AI-based computational methods to make predictions and to guide business decisions with incredible precision. Every industry will be revolutionized: drug discovery, materials development, financial modeling, supply chain logistics, and more.

At SandboxAQ, we connect these technologies to deliver practical impact. By running quantum-inspired algorithms on distributed networks, including using novel chip architectures such as GPUs and TPUs  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], we set new standards of computational accuracy and usefulness.

Presently, we focus on molecular simulation: accurately determining the quantum mechanical interactions between atoms and molecules. Our AI models then infer commercially relevant predictions from these interactions. Organizations equipped with these insights can secure competitive market advantage via the development of breakthrough products.

Healthcare/ Life Sciences

  • Dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risk of identifying promising pharmaceutical compounds
  • Optimize clinical trials and drug properties
  • Accelerate drug development and clinical trials
  • Discover multi-drug therapies and new indications
  • Enhance patient care
  • Develop customized medicine

New quantum simulations allow us to answer questions previously accessible only through direct lab experiments, while AI techniques accelerate the design process itself, extracting possible targets from complicated disease pathways.

Our algorithms today run on the latest generation of classical GPUs and CPUs, using methods based on quantum algorithm development. Therefore, they continuously improve along with advances in the field of quantum computing without relying on quantum hardware. When useful quantum computers become available, our algorithms will exploit them as well. Therefore, our customers benefit today from the highest-fidelity results possible, while remaining safely plugged into the latest quantum computing advances.

SandboxAQ Discovery Platform

SandboxAQ uses classical hardware to combine fast and accurate quantum mechanical predictions with insights across AI. AQ is not one technology, but a sum of multiple techniques (tensor networks, quantum chemistry, generative modeling, NLP, and others) that our drug discovery team applies to deliver Molecular Simulation-as-a-Service. Our AQ engine harnesses molecular simulation to deliver quantum-powered optimization, adding novel intellectual property to your pipeline.

The AQ Difference

SandboxAQ has built a team with some of the world’s foremost experts in AI + Quantum technology (AQ). We are delivering practical solutions to the market today, working with global enterprises as well as government organizations. Our expertise and deep ties with quantum leaders in academia, industry and the government make SandboxAQ uniquely qualified to develop unmatched quantum simulation and optimization applications.

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