Revolutionizing Life Sciences with AI + Quantum Technologies (AQ)

As healthcare innovators gather at The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, discover how SandboxAQ’s advances are driving the conversation.

Artificial intelligence + quantum technologies (AQ) are revolutionizing the life sciences and healthcare industries, from accelerating drug discovery and enabling enhanced medical imaging techniques to equipping organizations with robust cybersecurity tools that protect patient information, clinical data and intellectual property against damaging cyber attacks.

At SandboxAQ, we pioneer the use of cutting-edge technologies to drive breakthrough treatments and innovations that advance and protect the life sciences industry.

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Learn more about how AQ technologies are revolutionizing life sciences and healthcare.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Geoff Ling - CEO, OnDemand Pharmaceuticals, Professor of Neurology, Johns Hopkins, DARPA Biotech
  • Dr. Samir N Khleif - Immunologist, Oncologist, Drug Discovery, NIH, Georgetown, Georgiamune
  • Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee - Medical Oncology, Columbia
  • Dr. Mark Smith, PhD - Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Stanford, Sarafan ChEM-H, Roche
  • Dr. Steven Deitcher - CEO Bespoke Biotherapeutics
  • ‍Dr. Patricia Weber, PhD - SBDD expert


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Global Strategic Alliances That Bring Quantum Technology to Leading Professional Services Organizations.

SandboxAQ partners with the world's leading professional services organizations that advise clients on implementing transformative AQ solutions to protect their enterprises and build new computationally-intensive solutions around Artificial Intelligence and Quantum technologies.