SandboxAQ Transforms Simulation Landscape with Good Chemistry Acquisition

January 9, 2024

We are delighted to share that SandboxAQ has acquired Good Chemistry, a pioneering computational chemistry company. This strategic acquisition positions us to lead the next development in AI innovation – simulation, which is poised to make an impact across industries such as biopharma, specialty chemicals, energy, and others that benefit from advanced materials science.

While our simulation divisions are already producing groundbreaking advances in drug discovery and enhancing battery performance, acquiring Good Chemistry’s talented team, proven technologies, and deep industry expertise will allow us to further enhance our solutions and broaden our reach. Together, we will deliver on simulation’s potential for meaningful, real-world impact.

Welcoming the Good Chemistry Team

As part of the acquisition, Good Chemistry founder and CEO Arman Zaribafiyan will join SandboxAQ as Head of Product for Simulation Platforms. Arman shares our belief that AI and quantum technologies can solve some of our greatest challenges by unlocking the world of atoms through computational and quantum chemistry. We look forward to his leadership in bringing our solutions to the world, from discovering new treatments for challenging medical conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s; to designing new strategies for eliminating toxic Forever Chemicals from our drinking water; to developing lighter, stronger, more sustainable materials for use in construction or manufacturing; to more effective energy storage and other solutions that will help us to solve the climate crisis. We know Arman’s contributions, as well as those of Good Chemistry’s computational and quantum chemists, software developers, machine-learning engineers, and quantum computing scientists, will be invaluable in achieving our mission.

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies, Expanding Adoption

In addition, SandboxAQ will integrate Good Chemistry's state-of-the-art technologies – QEMIST Cloud and Tangelo – into our expanding ecosystem of software solutions. This integration will advance our combined capabilities and enable us to offer an enhanced, scalable, high-performance computing platform for chemical property prediction today, and a pathway to leverage powerful quantum computers in the future.

The acquisition also presents an opportunity to bring our AQ solutions into new industries through Good Chemistry's established customer and partner relationships in material science. This strategic move inserts SandboxAQ into industries that are ripe for innovation and sets the stage for rapid, sustainable growth.

Leading the Future of Simulation

DataHorizzon Research projects that the simulation software market, valued at $22.5 billion in 2022, will reach $78.9 billion by 2032. By acquiring Good Chemistry, SandboxAQ is strategically positioned to be a leader in the simulation revolution, which will only become more impactful when fault-tolerant quantum computers arrive. 

As we welcome Good Chemistry into the fold, we look forward to what we can accomplish together as a force for positive change in the world.

Good Chemistry statement

Good Chemistry Embarks on a New Chapter of Innovation with SandboxAQ

To our valued colleagues, customers, investors and partners:

Today, we are thrilled to announce a pivotal moment in Good Chemistry's history – our acquisition by SandboxAQ, which will propel us into a new era of innovation driven by AI, computational chemistry and quantum simulation.

SandboxAQ is an enterprise SaaS company providing solutions at the nexus of AI and quantum technology (AQ) to address some of the world's greatest challenges. Founded by CEO Jack Hidary, the company spun out from Alphabet in 2022 and delivers enterprise solutions in cybersecurity, simulation, and quantum sensing across myriad industries and the public sector. The company is backed by some of the industry’s most prominent investors, VCs and funds, and has a world-class group of scientists, engineers, technologists and advisors behind its remarkable achievements.

There are a great many synergies between Good Chemistry and SandboxAQ. This past June, the company announced AQBioSim, its molecular simulation division focused on drug discovery and life sciences. In September, it announced its entry into the computational chemistry space via NOVONIX, a leading battery materials and technology company. In December, SandboxAQ and NVIDIA announced an exciting collaboration to predict chemical reactions in applications such as drug discovery, advanced battery design, and clean energy. 

By joining forces with SandboxAQ, Good Chemistry will bring our own world-class team, proven technologies, and global partners and customers to a company that is as passionate about computational chemistry and simulation as we are. Our complementary technologies, approaches to computational and quantum chemistry and shared vision for positively impacting our world will produce even greater innovations and position SandboxAQ as a leader in simulation technology.

To our investors, partners and customers, rest assured that Good Chemistry has found an invaluable collaborator in SandboxAQ. Under Jack’s leadership, the company has in less than two years grown from a stealth startup to a respected technology partner to major global banks, telecommunication providers, healthcare systems, pharmaceutical manufacturers, academic institutions and government agencies – thanks to its innovative applications of AQ technologies. We at Good Chemistry look forward to contributing our simulation expertise and technological and scientific advancements to elevate SandboxAQ to even greater heights. 

This acquisition positions us as a catalyst for transformation across industries, and we are excited about the positive impact we can make together. Thank you, Good Chemistry community, for being an integral part of this journey. Together with SandboxAQ, we are looking forward to shaping the future of simulation technology.

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