SandboxAQ Security Suite

Agile Cryptography for the Enterprise

Cryptography is the foundation of data protection. However, it is often opaque and hard-coded in systems, making it hard to eliminate vulnerabilities, difficult to show compliance and complex to implement upgrades. The SandboxAQ Security Suite is an end-to-end, cryptographic-agility platform that provides a full inventory of existing cryptography use, including vulnerability and compliance analysis, as well as a path to centrally-managed, robust and agile cryptography. The result is protection from today’s attacks, as well as security against the future threat of a large-scale quantum computer. 

The SandboxAQ Security Suite will provide your organization with a full range of cryptographic management capabilities, including:
SandboxAQ Security Suite

The emergence of large, fault-tolerant quantum computers poses a significant threat to current public-key cryptography, leaving sensitive data and systems vulnerable to attacks. SandboxAQ was selected by the NIST's National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence for its Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography project, which partners with industry to help the government develop best practices to transition from current public-key cryptography to post-quantum cryptography algorithms. We’ve also formed strategic alliances with leading systems integrators Deloitte and EY to help enterprise customers securely transition to the quantum era.

Our Security Suite is Built on Three Foundational Pillars


Our Cryptosense module provides a first-of-its-kind, 360-degree view of your cryptography using three types of analyzers:

  • The Network Analyzer captures network traffic and identifies cryptography used to protect data in transit.
  • The Application Analyzer detects and records all calls to cryptographic libraries made by an application at run time, identifying vulnerabilities and policy breaches.
  • The Filesystem Analyzer scans files to find and parse cryptographic objects in data at rest. 
Security Suite diagram


The Control Center module is the core of the SandboxAQ Security Suite. It provides a comprehensive, actionable dashboard view of your cryptographic infrastructure, including artifacts, libraries, algorithms, and protocols. The Control Center also includes benchmarking tools to monitor cryptographic performance. 

  • Analyze your cryptographic inventory.
  • Cross-reference cryptographic use in your network, applications, and filesystems.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and cryptographic algorithms that do not adhere to policies such as FIPS 140-2, PCI DSS, or your own internal requirements.
  • Integrate cryptographic inventory, analysis, and alerting into your CI/CD and DevOps toolchains for application tracing and monitoring.
  • Enable remediation by integrating with JIRA, GitHub, IDE, and other DevOps issue tracking tools.
  • Monitor cryptographic performance.


Available for select preview partners, our Cryptoservice module will enable remediation and supervised enforcement to respond to off-policy violations. The module will allow immediate response to vulnerabilities and out-of-policy algorithms, and remediate with real-time cryptographic algorithm and/or protocol switching, without having to re-architecture your IT, minimizing costs and time.

  • Transition your IT infrastructure to agile cryptography with supervised automation to reduce risks.
  • Easily adhere to new cryptographic requirements and switch between them without requiring additional development or maintenance.
  • Integrate and operationalize cryptography for deployment.
  • Remediate and enforce off-policy algorithms.
  • Achieve full sovereignty over your cryptography.

Future-Proof Your Security

SandboxAQ will help you to stay ahead of the curve and protect your organization's sensitive data from both current and future cyber threats. Join Cloudera, Informatica, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and several global banks in experiencing how the Security Suite can help you achieve cryptographic agility.

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