Here are a few of the many industries that will be impacted by AQ:

Public Sector

Providing comprehensive cybersecurity, quantum sensing technology and other quantum capabilities for the U.S. and international governments.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

AI + Quantum will accelerate drug development and also catalyze a new generation of medical diagnostic devices.

Financial Services

Improve cybersecurity, deploy more comprehensive risk analysis and develop novel portfolio optimization approaches.


Securing provider networks against evolving threats, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding customer trust.


Protect critical infrastructure and sensitive datasets; enable secure comms and storage against SNDL attacks.

Material Science & Manufacturing

Digital simulations and rapid prototyping of new materials, products and designs.

Global Navigation

Opening up new frontiers in GPS-free navigation for land, sea, and air. Focus on GPS-denied environments and autonomous vehicles.

Gain the AQ edge with Sandbox.

Any business or industry that relies on computing power will be transformed by AI + Quantum technologies. For the past five years, the SandboxAQ team has been developing practical AI and quantum tech solutions that address real-world business, scientific and computational challenges.

Enterprises can use SandboxAQ to future-proof their technologies and solutions to provide a distinct competitive advantage. Initial customers include Vodafone Business, Softbank Mobile, Mt. Sinai Health System, and other leading companies.

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