SandboxAQ - The Launch

March 11, 2022
SandboxAQ - The LaunchSandboxAQ - The Launch

By Jack Hidary

Today we’re launching SandboxAQ – a company I founded in 2016 while at Alphabet. We’ve been relatively quiet for the past five+ years and are finally ready to tell the world more about our company, board, investors, partners and customers. 

SandboxAQ is an enterprise SaaS platform that is solving previously unsolvable problems by harnessing the exponential power of AI combined with quantum - a phenomenon we call AQ. The compound effects of AI+quantum can’t be overstated: Even though fault-tolerant quantum computers won’t be commercially available for a decade or more, we have been delivering practical quantum and AI solutions that are solving real-world challenges for a broad range of industries, the scientific and academic communities, the federal government and more. 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce Eric Schmidt as SandboxAQ’s chairman of the board. Eric’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention, and his influence in the tech industry and tech policy is far-reaching and deep. He’s joined by an unrivaled set of investors, including: Breyer Capital; Thomas Tull, the former Founder & CEO of Legendary Entertainment; Guggenheim Investments led by Scott Minerd; Marc Benioff’s TIME Ventures; David Siegel, the co-founder of Two Sigma; Bradley Bloom, the co-founder and former Managing Director of Berkshire Partners; Section 32; Parkway Venture Capital; T. Rowe Price and other leading funds. I want to thank each and every one of them for believing in our vision and the enormous confidence they have in our team. 

Our stellar board of advisors is equally outstanding, and today we’re announcing just a few of them. Many of them you know: John Seely Brown and Taher Elgamal, the father of SSL, are legends and need no introduction. Marc Porat is one of one the most visionary serial entrepreneurs in the history of tech, best known for General Magic. And I can’t say enough about Thomas Tull, former CEO of Legendary Entertainment, for the invaluable advice and contacts he’s provided us. I’m going to write more later this week about our other advisors, who are leaders in government, technology and academia.   

We’re also announcing several marquee customers, including Vodafone Business, Softbank Mobile, WIX, Mount Sinai Health System and the US federal government. We’ve been working closely with these leaders to help protect their networks, data and customers from current and future cyber threats and are exploring other breakthrough innovations that can only be achieved through the power of AQ. 

Beyond our initial customers, we’re going to rapidly deliver quantum and AI solutions to Global 1000 enterprises at scale thanks to strategic alliances with some of the most powerful professional service firms, which will be announced soon.

I’m often asked about whether quantum can truly make an impact now, or if its relevance won’t materialize for many years. The simple answer is that SandboxAQ is already delivering quantum tech, services and software solutions that are having an impact – in healthcare, finance, communications, security, transportation and other industries – all without quantum hardware. This quote from Eric sums it up perfectly: 

“The convergence of quantum and AI technologies is already transforming entire industries, accelerating scientific discovery and reimagining what we thought was possible.” 

The opportunities for AQ are numerous and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more great news about our company, new customers, innovative solutions, success stories and more. And if AQ sounds like the ultimate career move, we’re actively hiring engineers, scientists and technologists from a broad range of fields to grow our multidisciplinary team. Check out our Careers page to learn more and see what opportunities await you.

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