Introducing Sandwich and the Journey Toward Modern Cryptography Management

August 8, 2023
Introducing Sandwich and the Journey Toward Modern Cryptography ManagementIntroducing Sandwich and the Journey Toward Modern Cryptography Management

Today, we are excited to introduce our first major open source project – Sandwich, a framework and meta-library of cryptographic algorithms that simplifies modern cryptography management. 

In a nutshell, Sandwich provides developers with the necessary tools to build applications leveraging cryptography in an easy and safe manner. It is built to enable modern cryptography management, making applications crypto-agile and quantum-resistant.  

Historically, cryptography management and implementation was the exclusive domain of cryptographers. However, the traditional way of managing cryptography has not kept pace with the demands of new technology stacks and agile development practices. Compounding this is the need for greater cryptographic agility to help protect organizations against current and future threats posed by quantum computers.

With Sandwich, developers can leverage the latest cryptographic libraries to build this functionality into their code, across multiple programming languages and operating systems, and make application-based cryptography easier to manage. To dive deeper into the technology, check out our developer-focused Cryptography Caffè blog, or visit our GitHub page.

Build Your Own Sandwich

By making Sandwich available to the open source developer community, we are empowering them to develop applications which are crypto-agile, accelerating the transition into this new, modern era of cryptography. By giving them a framework and library of cryptographic algorithms, we’re making it easier to experiment with different types of cryptography – including the new post-quantum cryptography algorithms soon to be standardized by NIST – so they can discover which ones provide the right balance of security and performance. The framework makes it easy for them to swap cryptographic elements, and our API ensures that they’re not overlooking any crucial steps that would make their applications – and their organization – more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Our vision is to foster a community of cryptography-minded developers who can share insights, answer questions, and provide advice and support for others looking to embark on this journey. From this community, we hope new and innovative ideas will flourish, including providing development tips, recommendations and contributions on how to improve Sandwich, which will strengthen the cybersecurity postures of all who use it. 

We hope you’ll explore Sandwich and help us build this community and look forward to taking the journey towards modern cryptography management with you. If you have any questions about Sandwich, please contact us at