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For the first time, organizations can gain a comprehensive view of their cryptography to confidently prepare for current and emerging cyber threats.
Maintaining a strong security posture is a challenging task for organizations due to the lack of visibility into their own cryptography. Unlike other centralized IT security systems, such as firewalls, cryptography is dispersed throughout the entire IT architecture and often hard-coded into various components, including operating systems, applications, hardware devices, and more. As a result, managing cryptography can be increasingly complex, especially for large enterprise organizations, after undergoing multiple hardware and software upgrades or post-M&A IT integrations.

To truly protect your organization, your security team needs to understand exactly what kind of cryptography is deployed, where it’s located, whether it’s current, and what vulnerabilities could arise if cryptographic dependencies are altered. Only a thorough inventory of an organization's cryptography will give you the visibility and insights necessary to ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Cryptosense cuts through the uncertainty with the first complete solution for cryptography inventory.

With Cryptosense, a module of the SandboxAQ Security Suite, your security team can gain an extensive view of your cryptography and identify vulnerabilities to protect your organization from current and future cyber threats. You can then develop migration strategies to implement quantum-resistant cryptography and achieve cryptographic agility.

Discover Cryptographic Vulnerabilities
Cryptosense helps you gain previously unavailable insights into your cryptographic inventory. The software module retrieves information from three types of analyzers to provide 360-degree visibility into your organization’s cryptography:

  • The Network Analyzer captures network traffic and identifies cryptography used to protect data in transit.
  • The Application Analyzer detects and records all calls to cryptographic libraries made by an application at run time, identifying vulnerabilities and policy breaches.
  • The Filesystem Analyzer scans files to find and parse cryptographic objects in data at rest,

Cryptosense analyzes the data and provides actionable insights on how to strengthen your security posture and achieve cryptographic agility.

Gain Total Control of Your Cryptographic Environment

Once you have a comprehensive view of your cryptography, remediate vulnerabilities and be ready for any future threats with our full Security Suite.

The Control Center is the core of our Security Suite, providing an actionable dashboard with total control over your cryptographic infrastructure, including artifacts, libraries, algorithms, and protocols. The Control Center also includes benchmarking tools to monitor cryptographic performance. With these capabilities, the suite helps you to:

  • Analyze your comprehensive cryptographic inventory.
  • Cross-reference cryptographic use in your network, applications, and filesystems.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and algorithms that do not adhere to policies such as FIPS 140-2, PCI DSS, or quantum-resistant cryptography.
  • Monitor cryptographic performance.

Thanks to integrations with issue trackers, development tools, certificate managers, and CMDB, we close the loop on remediation, giving you control on the security and compliance of cryptography across your infrastructure.

Take the First Step Toward Cryptographic-Agility

Organizations need to achieve cryptographic agility to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and the potential threat posed by quantum computers. Achieving this enhanced state of protection requires a robust cryptographic inventory and the ability to rapidly deploy new encryption algorithms throughout the organization as technologies and threats evolve.

Achieving cryptographic agility isn’t easy. But the SandboxAQ Security Suite streamlines the migration process, minimizes operational risk, and gives you full control over your cryptographic systems.

To date, a number of global enterprises and government agencies are using the Cryptosense module, including Cloudera, Informatica, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and several global banks. SandboxAQ has also formed strategic alliances with leading systems integrators Deloitte and EY to help enterprise customers securely transition to the quantum era.

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