Security Suite

Using AI and Quantum technology to tackle some of the world's most challenging problems.

Selected by NIST as one of only 12 technology collaborators for the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, SandboxAQ is helping the government to initiate the development of practices to ease migration from current public-key cryptography algorithms to replacement algorithms that are resistant to quantum computer-based attacks.

We have developed a suite of applications that helps organizations from enterprises to government institutions assess their security posture, implement quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms, and manage cryptography to protect sensitive data from threats, such as Store-Now-and-Decrypt-Later attacks.

To take the first step toward understanding when, where, and how cryptography is used throughout your enterprise IT environments, Security AQ Analyzer creates an ongoing cryptographic inventory, including real-time monitoring and tracing of past events. Identify and monitor your cryptographic posture, as well as facilitate the planning and migration to post-quantum cryptography (PQC). Our user interface - AQ Control - allows for the management of cryptography by mapping compliance requirements, identifying vulnerabilities, highlighting gaps, and spotlighting risks. Leverage AQ Benchmark to further analyze the performance impact of PQC on your networks and applications. 


Deploying SandboxAQ’s Security Suite is the best way to orchestrate and automate your PQC deployment. Security AQ Maestro uses Machine Learning to optimize the performance of cryptography by automating the orchestration of algorithms and protocols. AQ Cryptoservice separates cryptographic management from applications and services, giving control to your IT administrators. It enables strict compliance in a given environment and provides control of cryptography across your entire organization.

Enterprise Solutions

Built on our AQ Crypto Framework, our Enterprise Solutions are leveraging AQ Cryptoservice for crypto-agility and centralized management of cryptographic compliance. They rely on AQ Maestro for optimized performance and automation. Security Enterprise Solutions include a mobile and enterprise VPN, Code Signing, Microservice Interconnects, and a Network Load Balancer.

Crypto-Agile Framework

AQ Crypto Framework provides the cryptographic algorithms and protocols for your applications and services. These protocols include classical, hybrid, and fully quantum-resistant modes. By leveraging the framework’s crypto-agile API, your organization can take a step further in building more adaptable and scalable solutions, replacing algorithms in an efficient manner, and begin to build cryptographic agility into your enterprise. This will enable your applications, services, and tools to support and rapidly switch between multiple cryptographic algorithms and protocols. All of Security Suites's applications are built on top of AQ Crypto Framework.

Enhanced Cybersecurity for your Infrastructure

The Sandbox AQ Paradigm Suite is a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of quantum-resistant solutions to protect sensitive information, computing systems, networks and other assets. Our approach is to deploy post-quantum cryptography (PQC) across the entire customer footprint, including endpoint devices, network, backend and cloud infrastructure.

AQ Analyzer

Provides insights into an organization’s entire infrastructure and delivers a comprehensive, holistic overview of its cryptographic algorithms and protocols.

AQ Framework

Provides hybrid and fully quantum-resistant cryptographic protocols via a crypto-agile API, allowing organizations to build post-quantum cryptography solutions using a diverse variety of technologies and implementations.

AQ Brain

Provides automated orchestration of cryptographic algorithms and protocols among an organization’s applications or the AQ Enterprise solutions leveraging machine learning. Simplifies how cryptography is configured and managed within an organization’s ecosystem.

AQ Enterprise

Provides a range of solutions that cover a collection of use cases, including (a) AQ Benchmark which analyzes the performance impact of quantum-resistant algorithms and protocols in a given scenario; (b) AQ VPN for secure channel communication; (c) AQ Envoy for quantum-resistant microservices communications; (d) AQ KMS; and (e) AQ Signet for quantum-resistant digital signature capabilities for software updates, and data management.

The PQC Migration Process

The Sandbox AQ Paradigm Suite enables an organization to streamline and manage the transition to PQC in order to simplify the lengthy process, which requires extensive security audits and numerous complex phases. SandboxAQ has an adaptable approach to assess, and implement a complete PQC migration. Our iterative engagement and delivery includes the following phases:

It is estimated that more than 20 billion devices globally will need software upgrades to quantum-resistant cryptography, including mobile phones, laptops, servers and IoT devices, with additional efforts needed for on-chip manufacturers and telecom networks. Read our whitepaper to find out more about the PQC migration process.

Our Differentiators

World-Class, Global Team:

We are a global, multidisciplinary team of world-class engineers, scientists, and technologists, spanning physics, chemistry, AI, neuroscience, cryptography, mathematics and more.

Proven Technology:

We have been developing and deploying AQ solutions with major telecommunications providers, financial institutions, healthcare providers and others.


Our software products run on classical computing architecture, without requiring quantum computers, and support all major cloud providers so that you can maintain your preferred IT environment.