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Tony Blair Institute and SandboxAQ Release First Guide to Help Governments Implement a Successful AI Strategy

Strategic deployment of AI drives innovation in public services and economic growth

Palo Alto, CA, July 2, 2024 – Today the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI) and SandboxAQ are combining their expertise and announcing the first part of a new guide designed to empower government leaders worldwide to unlock the full potential of AI, regardless of their current capabilities. Titled Governing in the Age of AI: The Leader’s Guide to Artificial-Intelligence Technical Strategy, this guide provides a step-by-step approach for governments to effectively leverage AI. The guide covers everything from identifying opportunities and assessing risks to making critical infrastructure decisions, ensuring that governments can strategically deploy AI to transform public services and drive economic growth.

The guide will support TBI’s work with governments globally to harness technology and develop their AI strategy. “AI provides the opportunity to reimagine nearly every aspect of government. To fully harness its potential, leaders must make deliberate and well-informed technical decisions,” said Tony Blair, Executive Chairman at TBI.

The Leader’s Guide to Artificial-Intelligence Technical Strategy combines TBI’s deep policy expertise with SandboxAQ’s AI leadership to deliver what will become an essential tool for decision-makers. Designed to help governments regardless of their current technological capabilities, it enables leaders to understand the technologies, prerequisites, and other supporting factors needed to help them achieve their AI objectives.

“We have heard from many government leaders a request for a clear playbook with specific decision trees on how to implement AI across key public sector areas including education, healthcare and defense,” said Jack D. Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ. “The guide we co-authored with TBI provides a framework to help leaders align their strategic AI vision with the technical requirements needed to support their AI transformations. The combination of SandboxAQ’s technical depth with TBI’s expertise in public sector areas drives the practical value of this guide for world leaders.”

The playbook will enable leaders to:

  • Identify and prioritize AI opportunities across a wide range of government functions, including healthcare, education, environmental management and defense
  • Understand their current capabilities, including technical (compute, networking and data) and human resources, and calculate the amount of capital and time required to implement various AI-based solutions
  • Identify AI readiness gaps and address roadblocks and bottlenecks that could delay their deployments
  • Determine AI best practices to ensure optimal privacy, security, effectiveness and cost savings
  • Focus initial efforts on high-impact, manageable use cases to rapidly demonstrate value and gain support among key stakeholders

Today’s release forms the basis of more thought leadership to come later this year that will explore the ten critical cross-cutting technical decisions that leaders must make – and an evaluation of the options – on how to collect, store and utilize data that AI systems require, and who should build, operate, and maintain the data and infrastructure. It will also educate leaders about the various layers within an AI technology stack, enabling them to make informed decisions before deploying AI systems within their government’s IT architecture.

In a world of pressing challenges and tighter finances, figuring out how to effectively harness the power of AI is the only way for political leaders to get big things done. TBI brings together the world’s best and most future-thinking technology companies with governments globally, enabling leaders to transform the way they deliver. In this new partnership, SandboxAQ’s technical expertise in AI to solve complex problems and tackle societal challenges will be combined with TBI’s to create a comprehensive guide for leaders.

The first part of Governing in the Age of AI: A Leader’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Technical Strategy is available on TBI’s website.

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