SandboxAQ Welcomes First Service Member Interns Through Defense Ventures

October 7, 2022
Joseph Comps and Drew Hill joins SandboxAQJoseph Comps and Drew Hill joins SandboxAQ

We are proud to announce Staff Sergeant Joseph Comps and Technical Sergeant Drew Hill will join the SandboxAQ team through the Defense Ventures internship program. 

Joseph Comps is a Tactical Air Control Party Strike Team Leader and Joint Terminal Attack Controller-Instructor with experience in both the Middle East and European theaters. With over 11 years of service, both as a former United States Marine and current member of Air Force Special Warfare, Joe provides a unique mixture of both tactical and technical expertise gained from years of experience within the Joint operating environment. 

Drew Hill is a Cyber Security Specialist for the 42nd Cyber Operations Squadron in the United States Air Force. Drew joined the Air Force in 2013 as a Language Specialist performing aerial reconnaissance. In 2018, Drew assumed a dual role as Intelligence Program Analyst and Researcher at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY. He transitioned to the Air Force Reserves in 2020. 

Public-private partnerships are essential to the future of cybersecurity and quantum readiness, and programs like Defense Ventures are invaluable in strengthening that relationship while delivering bidirectional value between skilled current and former service people and private sector innovation. 

Welcome, Joseph and Drew! We are excited to learn from you both and bring your valuable expertise to our team.

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