SandboxAQ Redefines Cybersecurity with Unified Cryptography Management

March 27, 2024

SandboxAQ's AQtive Guard platform now Generally Available (GA) for all sectors to protect against AI-driven and Quantum attacks

In 2023 ransomware attacks increased 84% and data breaches increased 78% vs. 2022.  Large-scale implementation of Zero Trust policies, more robust cloud security deployments, and stronger data security mechanisms are needed now more than ever.

AQtive Guard identifies vulnerable cryptographic algorithms and enables enterprises to manage their cryptography tools and digital keys at a scale and with granularity that was not possible before. Now generally available (GA) for all market segments, AQtive Guard presents a unique set of capabilities to manage cryptography, from inventory to remediation, including automated control, at the scale of the largest and most demanding IT organizations of the world. 

Cryptography forms the foundation of cybersecurity and underpins enterprise IT, yet it continues to be managed in an ad hoc, siloed manner. AQtive Guard is a unified cryptography management platform and the next evolution of SandboxAQ's Security Suite. AQtive Guard exemplifies a shift from reactive to proactive security measures, empowering organizations to gain control of their security posture. 

AQtive Guard supports the four key pillars of Zero Trust which include: continuous monitoring, policy compliance, encryption, and user and device trustworthiness. The benefits of adopting a modern cryptography management platform for an IT organization include:

  • Improved Business Continuity: costly workload outages are avoided by detection of unidentified deprecated cryptography and outdated artifacts
  • Stronger Risk Management: undocumented risks associated with unknown unknowns in cryptography are eliminated
  • Automation of Compliance: compliance goals can be achieved at scale thanks to up-to-date, on-demand reports suitable for internal and external auditors covering cryptography algorithms in use, data protection, key management, and certificates lifecycle
  • Automated Policy Enforcement: cryptography policies are enforced at the scale of the organization, with artifacts to prove it
  • Readiness for PQC migration: true crypto-agility is achieved thanks to unified cryptography management, allowing the organization to prepare for and migrate to the next generation of cryptographic standards

Over the past year, we have helped customers, including the U.S. Air Force, Dept. of Health & Human Services, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Vodafone, SoftBank Mobile, Informatica, Cloudera, and several top global banks improve their security posture by modernizing their cryptography.

The lessons learned from working with these large, complex, regulated customers led to the implementation of new features such as single sign-on integration, audit logging, horizontal scaling, high availability, and JIRA integration, which are essential elements for deploying enterprise-class solutions at scale. Modern cryptography management also addresses the CIO’s high-level goals of building more automation and greater agility into their IT architecture. 

AQtive Guard includes a framework for seamless integrations with other IT assets, management platforms and service providers, including Tanium, ServiceNow and others. In addition, we’ve built out our partner relationships, training cybersecurity teams at Accenture, Deloitte, EY and Carahsoft to deploy AQtive Guard, resulting in a number of joint customer engagements.  

We also continue to educate global business and political leaders on how to safeguard their most sensitive data, through affiliations with prominent industry consortiums such as NIST’s NCCoE, the GSMA’s PQTN, the Linux Foundation’s PQCA, and MITRE’s PQC Coalition.

Read more about AQtive Guard’s features here or contact us directly to learn how AQtive Guard can strengthen your security defenses and proactively defend against current and future threats.