SandboxAQ Presents Global Solutions at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

January 30, 2024

The SandboxAQ team had a tremendous showing in Davos with several speaking engagements and major announcements and publications. The theme of this year’s conference was Rebuilding Trust, and we firmly believe that the powerful, synergetic capabilities of AI and quantum technologies can advance that mission by helping to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

In case you missed us, here is a recap:


We hosted two oversubscribed lunches: AI Beyond LLMs: How Novel AI and Simulation Are Resetting the Economy and AI and Cyber: How the World’s Greatest Opportunity Is Also Its Greatest Threat. Guests heard from experts from Accenture, Publicis Groupe, JP Morgan, HSBC, Motive Partners, Deloitte, Global Fund, and others about developing AI responsibly to maximize its benefits while mitigating its risks.

On Wednesday, our CEO, Jack Hidary, participated in two panels. Quantum’s Black Swan Event, moderated by Bloomberg’s Brad Stone, also featured Ana Paula Assis (IBM) and Joël Mesot (ETH Zurich). The discussion included Jack’s prediction that quantum sensing will provide the first mainstream quantum breakthroughs. He also touched on the accelerating timeline for scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computing, the urgency of the transition to post-quantum cryptography, and more. You can read about the risks and opportunities of quantum in Bloomberg or watch the full discussion.

Jack also joined The Female Quotient (FQ) to announce a joint initiative with Future Brilliance and LibreTexts: an AI-powered upskilling platform focused on healthcare job training in low and middle income countries. The AI-driven tool aims to ramp up the number of individuals becoming doctors, nurses and allied medical professionals in the areas of the world where they are needed most. 

During a fireside chat with CNBC, Jack discussed the future of AI simulation, how GPUs finally allow us to run quantum equations at scale, the outlook for artificial general intelligence and embodied AI, and more.

Building on the Quantum Economy Blueprint, Jack and VP of Product Nadia Carlsten spoke at two sessions together: Greek House Davos about Greece’s place in the quantum economy, and the Quantum Delta NL panel spotlighting the Netherlands’ quantum efforts. President of Global Public Sector Jen Sovada weighed in on India’s technological progress during the AI for Digital Public Infrastructure panel.

Jack also offered insights on India’s quantum and AI journey on CNBC India.


Following our acquisition of Good Chemistry to further enhance our simulation and computational chemistry solutions, we made two additional announcements in Davos.

First, we are partnering with Accenture to deliver our Security Suite to organizations worldwide, helping enterprises transition to modern cryptography management to guard against AI-powered ransomware and other evolving cyber threats. We’ll also work together to enable organizations across sectors to unlock breakthroughs with our AI simulation and quantum sensing solutions.

Our second announcement at Davos, made during The Female Quotient panel, exemplifies SandboxAQ’s mission to solve big challenges through the revolutionary capabilities of AI and quantum. We trained AI on LibreTexts’ library of educator-curated textbooks, democratizing education and paving the way for a new era of personalized AI tutors that guide us on lifelong learning journeys.


The SandboxAQ team was featured in a number of WEF publications. Jack and HSBC Europe’s CEO Colin Bell detailed the many ways AI and quantum technologies are transforming the financial industry, including enhanced risk mitigation, fraud detection and portfolio optimization, as well as the evolving cybersecurity threats facing the world.

Jack’s second WEF article explores how the combination of AI with quantum simulation and sensing is transforming drug discovery and medical diagnostics.

Jack Hidary and Senior Advisor Kelly Richdale were proud to contribute to WEF’s Quantum Economy Blueprint, a strategic roadmap for all nations and regions to take part in the emerging quantum economy so that everyone can benefit from its transformative potential.

In addition to the Blueprint, Kelly also collaborated with WEF and the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to craft a framework for global regulatory approaches to Quantum Security for the Financial Sector.

Rounding out Jack’s WEF content, he and other experts from the Network of Global Future Councils shared their reasons to be optimistic in 2024, a fitting final word as we close out this year’s conference and look toward enacting the Quantum Economy Blueprint for positive impact.

As if Jack wasn’t busy enough at WEF, he also found time to write about The Next Frontier of Advanced Computing for Forbes and previewed his upcoming second book, AI or Die

The book is a practical guide for leaders on how to adopt AI to drive core value. Jack lays out a roadmap for how to go beyond surface-level uses of LLMs in content generation and customer service to fundamentally transform your business. Reserve your copy today.

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