SandboxAQ Partners with BreakLine Education

June 30, 2022
Breakline Education logoBreakline Education logo

SandboxAQ is thrilled to announce our partnership with BreakLine Education, an incredible organization whose mission is to help diverse top-performing candidates pivot into careers in tech through classes, training, and mentoring.  What is particularly exciting about this collaboration is that Breakline’s mission and values are so closely aligned with our own.

At SandboxAQ, we believe that actively cultivating a diverse workforce is critical for the success of our company, our industry, and our global community. We are deeply committed to creating an inclusive culture. We invest in our employees' personal and professional growth and in future talent through internship programs, research papers, developer tools, textbooks, educational talks/events and partnerships with universities/talent hubs to attract multi-disciplinary talent. Our hope is to inspire people from all walks of life to be prepared for the quantum era and encourage a path in STEM.

Breakline uses a holistic approach to prepare candidates for a wide variety of tech roles and their new career paths. Some of the various program options include BreakLine Apex, which is designed for people of color, BreakLine Mavens, which focuses on people who identify as women, and BreakLine Veterans, created for military veterans.  Breakline’s career prep services are free for the exceptional candidates accepted into the program.  The organization also offers private DEI Masterclasses for recruiters and hiring managers.  Breakline also recently launched The BreakLine Arena podcast featuring industry leaders and innovators in the BreakLine community. 

SandboxAQ is well-suited for partnering with Breakline because of our team’s unique approach, enabling cross-pollination across a diverse range of fields, from physics, computer science, neuroscience, mathematics, cryptography, natural sciences and more.  We know that our success comes from coalescing diverse talent to create an environment where experimental thinking and collaboration yield breakthrough AI + Quantum solutions (AQ). 

SandboxAQ’s approach towards building a diverse, world-class team perfectly aligns with Breakline’s groundbreaking career preparation services and its mission to redesign education to meet the needs of the 21st-century workforce.  

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