SandboxAQ Launches Security Suite, Giving Organizations 360-Degree Visibility Over Their Cryptographic Environment

April 19, 2023
SandboxAQ Launches Security SuiteSandboxAQ Launches Security Suite

On April 19th, we launched the SandboxAQ Security Suite, an advanced, end-to-end solution for cryptographic vulnerability scanning and remediation that helps Global 1000 enterprises and government organizations protect their sensitive data, communications, and transactions from both classical and quantum-based cybersecurity threats.

This major milestone comes shortly after our company’s first anniversary, and seven months after we acquired Cryptosense, whose complementary technology, outstanding talent, and strategic vision contributed greatly to today’s product launch.

The Security Suite includes one module to provide customers with discovery and continuous inventory of vulnerable cryptography and another module, currently available for preview to select customers, for encryption remediation and supervised enforcement.  These modules are integrated into a Control Center, which presents customers with an actionable dashboard view of their organization's complete cryptographic infrastructure. A deeper dive into the Security Suite is available on our product web page.

The Cryptosense module and Control Center are available to customers right now, with the Cryptoservice module currently available for preview to select customers. From a cryptographic agility perspective, the “discovery” process is a critical first step in helping security teams gain a transparent, 360-degree view of their entire cryptographic inventory. Once a comprehensive inventory is available, the SandboxAQ Security Suite will help security teams implement post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms standardized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and rapidly deploy new protocols as technologies and threats evolve.

SandboxAQ also offers benchmarking tools and services to help organizations understand the potential impact PQC algorithms will have on network performance, security, and cost, which is a major concern for low-latency requirements in financial services, telecommunications, ecommerce, and other sectors. Companies such as SoftBank and Vodafone recently leveraged these offerings to help solidify their PQC migration strategies.

We’re incredibly proud that within a year of the company’s launch, a growing number of global enterprises and government agencies are already using one or more modules of the SandboxAQ Security Suite, including Cloudera, Informatica, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and several large global banks. Our strategic alliances with leading systems integrators Deloitte and EY are instrumental in helping educate Global 1000 customers about the need for cryptographic agility and the benefits of SandboxAQ’s Security Suite.

We’re also incredibly proud that the Security Suite has already won a number of awards for its technology and innovative approach to helping organizations protect their data and assets.

As we move further into the quantum era, more and more organizations will begin their transition to quantum-safe cryptography and crypto-agility. With the groundwork we’ve laid – from contributing to PQC algorithms being considered for NIST standardization to being invited to join the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence’s Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography project at NIST – SandboxAQ is well-positioned to help make the transition to crypto-agility seamless and efficient for customers. 

Click here to request a SandboxAQ Security Suite demo or here for more information on becoming a Cryptoservice module preview partner.