SandboxAQ Launches New Video Podcast

April 7, 2023
SandboxAQ launches FAQ podcastSandboxAQ launches FAQ podcast

Authors: Tai-Danae Bradley and Adam Green

SandboxAQ releases a new conversational video podcast on AI and quantum technologies.

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We are delighted to announce the release of a new video and audio podcast called fAQ, which features casual conversations about AI and quantum technologies designed for general audiences.

The primary goal of the fAQ podcast is to explain complex ideas in non-technical ways for curious humans. We understand that “quantum,” in particular, is a loaded word and that much of the mathematics and physics behind it may feel inaccessible. But we also firmly believe that any scientific concept—no matter how technical—can be understood by anyone if it is explained well. This, of course, relies heavily on the ability of the communicator to explain things with clarity, but we are up for the challenge!

Who is “we,” anyway? Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Adam Green

Hello! I’m the head of science education at SandboxAQ. One thing that you might find interesting is that I’m not a physicist or computer scientist. I was trained as a research scientist in ecology and evolutionary biology and taught at a small university before leaving academia. So why am I co-hosting a podcast about AI and quantum technology? For similar reasons that lead me away from traditional academia - I know that access to education is incredibly important, that accessibility is much more than just the presence of educational material, and that it’s hard to find truly accessible science content out there, especially when it comes to topics at the razor's edge. Part of accessibility is meeting learners where they are and supporting their learning journey. That doesn’t mean oversimplifying or ‘dumbing down’ complex topics. It means explaining ideas in ways that are digestible - creating a wide top of the learning funnel and then increasing depth and complexity in a way that encourages curiosity and doesn’t overwhelm. Doing that, at scale, inspired me to join the world of EdTech and is inspiring me to be part of fAQ!

Working to improve science literacy and inspiring curiosity in learners is something I’ve been dedicated to for about 20 years - from teaching middle school biology in Cameroon, to creating college-level courses for non-majors on topics like parasites, to directing the U.S. content team at Khan Academy. And now, I’m lucky enough to be working with supportive, innovative, and just plain fantastic colleagues to ensure broad access to the exciting world of AQ! 

I never thought I’d be on a podcast, let alone co-host one on topics I’m just now learning myself! But, in the spirit of leaning into a growth mindset, I want to learn more about AQ and podcasting, and encourage folks to follow along and learn with me! 

Tai-Danae Bradley

Hi! I’m a research mathematician here at SandboxAQ, and I love learning new things and sharing them with others. My interest in science communication actually began in graduate school many years ago, where I experienced firsthand how lofty jargon and complicated explanations can serve as a barrier to those who wish to see the simple and beautiful ideas that lie beneath. After struggling with — and eventually conquering — some of these technical topics, I had (and still have) an irresistible urge to share the ideas with wide audiences in ways that are easy and intuitive to understand. 

In 2015, I started a mathematics blog called Math3ma, which is a collection of short expository essays on various topics throughout undergraduate, graduate, and research-level mathematics. A few years ago, I also co-hosted PBS Infinite Series, a YouTube channel devoted to sharing mathematics with wide audiences. But my work in mathematics has always been done with an eye towards quantum physics, so it’s personally exciting for me to see all of these interests — math, physics, and science communication — collide together in the fAQ podcast.

What to expect?

A typical fAQ episode might begin with the two of us chatting about the “topic of the day” from a high-level perspective, where we emphasize intuition and conceptual understanding rather than technical details. What’s more, our first few episodes are intentionally focused on fundamental concepts in basic quantum physics (qubits, superposition, and entanglement) that can serve as a foundation for future episodes.

In addition to theoretical concepts, the podcast will also focus on understanding modern applications, including quantum computing, using quantum particles for sensing applications, what it means to simulate quantum systems on classical computers and much more.

We also enjoy inviting experts to the show to further illuminate various ideas. Episode 02, for instance, features Stefan Leichenauer, SandboxAQ’s VP of Engineering, a theoretical physicist with a research background in string theory. Episode 03 highlights another physicist, Adam Lewis, who is a technical lead for SandboxAQ’s simulation and optimization team with a research background in numerical general relativity.

The fAQ podcast is now available on SandboxAQ’s YouTube channel as well as on all major podcast platforms. 

We hope you’ll follow along!

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