SandboxAQ Joins NIST's AI Safety Institute Consortium

July 2, 2024

While LLMs are now being used by consumers, a new wave of AI called quantitative AI is rising in importance and impact in industries ranging from biopharma to chemicals, materials, and financial services. Recognizing this imperative, SandboxAQ proudly announces its membership in the National Institute of Standards and Technology's AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC).

Our commitment to advancing AI safety aligns perfectly with the consortium's mission. Together with over 200 leading AI stakeholders, we are building a framework to shape the future of AI, not just in the digital realm but also in the physical world, especially as we transition deeper into the quantum era.

Our collective focus is clear: to establish the foundational principles of a new measurement science in AI safety. By pooling our expertise and resources, we aim to develop robust safety guidelines, standards, and best practices that will pave the way for the responsible deployment of AI technologies. To accomplish this, AISIC has assembled the largest collection of test and evaluation teams to date. 

Quantitative AI unlocks revolutionary capabilities for real-world impact, from accelerating drug discovery and enhancing medical imaging, to designing new batteries necessary for the clean energy transition, breaking down toxic forever chemicals, and more. 

Crucial to this transformation will be training and upskilling the workforce to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI safely and effectively. The consortium’s framework will provide a great resource as we work towards empowering students and employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness AI's potential for the betterment of society. We believe AI itself can also play a central part in this upskilling effort. To this end, we are developing a tool for trustworthy AI-powered education. This approach to LLMs, which draw from the up-to-date, peer-reviewed library of content using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), is just one way we can ensure powerful AI solutions remain beneficial.

At SandboxAQ, we believe that collaboration, across sectors and borders, is key to unlocking the full promise of AI while mitigating its risks. In addition to bringing together companies, academics, non-profits, and government entities in the U.S., the consortium will work with international organizations to ensure interoperable, effective guardrails for an AI-powered world.

Together, we can build a safer, more trustworthy AI future – one where innovation thrives and society flourishes. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards responsible AI development and deployment.

To learn more about how our AI and quantum solutions are helping governments and the Global 1000 solve some of their most difficult challenges, get in touch.

Dr. Nadia Carlsten is the VP of Product at SandboxAQ, where she leads product development across quantum security, quantum sensing, AI, and simulation. A prominent thought leader, Nadia is known for her deep technical knowledge and ability to transform cutting-edge technologies into market-leading products. Previously, she was Head of Product at the AWS Center for Quantum Computing, where she launched Amazon Braket, AWS’s first quantum computing service and shaped the strategy for Amazon’s quantum initiatives. Nadia’s career included key positions in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where she led successful commercialization efforts in cybersecurity and machine learning. She holds a PhD in engineering from UC Berkeley, a Chemistry, and B.A. in Physics from the University of Virginia.

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