SandboxAQ Enters the World of AI & Quantum-Powered Materials Science

September 26, 2023
SandboxAQ Enters the World of AI & Quantum-Powered Materials ScienceSandboxAQ Enters the World of AI & Quantum-Powered Materials Science
SandboxAQ Enters the World of AI & Quantum-Powered Materials Science

AI and quantum technologies (AQ) unlock a new era of innovation in materials science. Quantum simulation technology empowers researchers to understand and observe quantum chemical interactions at the molecular level. We create virtual libraries of molecules in chemical space, run millions of simulations, predict their physical and chemical properties, and leverage AI to analyze and optimize the results. 

The industry use-cases for AQ technologies are vast – you might have read about how our AQBioSim division is successfully using this approach to accelerate drug discovery and development. But it can also be used to create stronger, lighter, more durable and environmentally-friendly materials and chemicals used in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, energy and other sectors.

To this end, we recently announced our first foray into the fascinating world of materials science through our partnership with NOVONIX, a leading battery materials and technology company. NOVONIX is using our AQ-powered software to enhance its Ultra-High Precision Coulometry (UHPC) technology and extensive battery cell prototyping and testing capabilities to better predict the cycle life of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are used in everything from portable electronics and electric vehicles, to residential and industrial energy storage, and more.

 The dramatic increase in global demand for advanced lithium-ion batteries, coupled with rising costs and fragile supply chains, means that rapidly optimizing battery performance and cycle life has never been more critical. Industry leaders must be able to bring new products to market quickly and consistently, with the confidence that these new products will perform as expected. 

Predicting lithium-ion battery performance and degradation has been a long-standing challenge due to the complexity of these electrochemical systems. Performance depends on many factors, such as cell chemistry, temperature, cycle rate, operational voltage windows, and its physical design. Unfortunately, current methods to predict battery performance over time are too slow (physically cycling the battery for months or years) or too inaccurate (common empirical models).

In the race for battery innovation, these options are just not good enough. AQ can help. By pairing our AI and quantum simulation technologies with NOVONIX’s industry-leading products, customers will be able to get accurate, actionable information about their battery chemistries and designs, fast. Reducing product development timelines from years to weeks, paired with AI-driven insights, will empower industry leaders to make better informed decisions around materials, processes, cells, and technologies at every stage of R&D and manufacturing.

NOVONIX, whose customers include top electronics, automotive, and other manufacturers, believes the transformational power of AQ will unlock the full potential of its products and services. SandboxAQ’s solutions will accelerate innovation in the battery space. AQ will drive breakthroughs in R&D, chemical formulation, physical design, and manufacturing of next-generation energy storage products that will power a more sustainable future.

Improving sustainability is a key outcome for those in materials science. In the battery space, the future vision is to create advanced energy storage solutions that are more powerful, durable and longer-lasting while reducing their impact on the environment. That could mean developing entirely new battery chemistries that are less harmful and less reliant on materials that are difficult to extract or acquire.

The same AQ simulation and analysis technologies can be used across the materials and chemicals industry, beyond batteries. With AQ, chemical companies can develop new sustainable industrial and consumer products like polymers and specialty chemicals that are cost-effective to produce at scale. Auto, aerospace and ship manufacturers can develop lighter, stronger, and more durable alloys and composite materials, leading to more practical and fuel-efficient new designs. High-performance and luxury goods makers can discover and develop new materials that are better for the environment, while unlocking the next level of performance for their customers. 

We’re only scratching the surface on what AQ-powered materials science is capable of. We are excited to partner with innovative, forward-looking companies like NOVONIX to explore this new frontier.

If you’re interested in discovering how quantum simulation & optimization can transform your industry, read more on our solutions page or contact us at to set up a conversation.

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