SandboxAQ Academy: Empowering the Future with AI, Quantum, and STEM Education

October 18, 2023
SandboxAQ Academy: Empowering the Future with AI, Quantum, and STEM EducationSandboxAQ Academy: Empowering the Future with AI, Quantum, and STEM Education

The demand for advanced skills in AI, quantum, and STEM fields is skyrocketing as industries realize AI innovation is key to their future success. However, there aren’t enough professionals to meet the growing demand. Recognizing this pressing need, SandboxAQ has launched the SandboxAQ Academy, an initiative aimed at advancing education in AI, quantum and related cutting-edge disciplines. The academy promises to stimulate career interest, provide upskilling opportunities, and ultimately foster a more diverse and highly skilled workforce in AI and quantum (AQ) technologies.

Empowering the Workforce of Tomorrow

The SandboxAQ Academy addresses the soaring global demand for a workforce proficient in AI and quantum technologies. These fields are not just shaping the future but have already become critical to various sectors such as cybersecurity, finance, marketing, and drug discovery. In light of this, the academy is equipping corporate partners and individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

Suzannah Radack, VP of people and operations at SandboxAQ, elaborated on the academy's mission, saying, "Several years ago, we realized that the increasing industry demand for advanced technologies would result in a severe shortfall of highly skilled AI and quantum talent. Governments, corporations, and others within the AQ ecosystem must join forces with higher-learning institutions to prepare the workforce for jobs in the AI and quantum industries, and create a more inclusive quantum ecosystem. We are proud to continue our mission of empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in today's quickly evolving landscape."

A Valuable Online Resource

The SandboxAQ Academy offers its content online, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience. Initial videos focus on AI applications and quantum technology. However, there are aggressive plans to expand the content library, covering topics such as AQ applications and future trends in AI, particularly in finance and healthcare. Other upcoming topics will delve into quantum computing, navigation, simulation, high-performance computing, and advanced mathematics. The company's ultimate goal is to make SandboxAQ Academy the go-to resource for AI and quantum skills training.

Upskilling as a Priority

Recent data from a 2023 Visier report on upskilling highlights the increasing importance of AI skills in career growth. In fact, 68% of employees surveyed deemed learning AI skills a top priority. To meet this demand and empower a diverse workforce, SandboxAQ has already announced collaborations with more than 30 universities, corporations, and educational organizations. These collaborations aim to expand AQ education and upskill workers, ensuring they're well-equipped for the AI and quantum-driven world.

SandboxAQ's commitment to education extends beyond traditional channels. The company has created the first quantum information science online course for FedLearn, an AI-enabled online learning platform focused on training federal government and government contractor organizations. SandboxAQ also develops tailor-made upskilling programs for corporate enterprises, including one of the world's largest global financial organizations.

A Bright Future of Learning and Innovation

Since its founding, SandboxAQ has made a significant impact on education and upskilling, first within Alphabet and then beyond. More than 300 individuals have participated in corporate upskilling, Ph.D. residency programs, and other educational initiatives, and SandboxAQ Academy is just ramping up for a legacy of innovation and learning. For additional information about the SandboxAQ Academy and other education initiatives, visit our Education page

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, education and upskilling are the keys to unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations, ensuring we do not have a gap between tech haves- and have-nots. SandboxAQ is at the forefront of ensuring everyone has access to these advanced technologies to tackle tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

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