Forming Strategic Alliances to Forge the AQ Era

April 30, 2022
Forming Strategic Alliances to Forge the AQ EraForming Strategic Alliances to Forge the AQ Era

Over the past several years, our team has been developing a world-class enterprise platform to help organizations protect themselves from emerging quantum-related cyber threats. At the same time, our quantum sensing and simulation tools will have a significant impact on areas such as drug development, financial risk management, and much more. We’re hiring world-class engineers and PhDs to fill our ranks, and making great in-roads with leading companies like Vodafone, Softbank, and Mount Sinai, but we also need strong, global affiliates to help us broadly deploy our AQ solutions to leading companies across multiple industries simultaneously.  

To this end, we are thrilled to announce alliances with two of the world’s largest professional services firms, Deloitte and EY, to engage with their global client base. Leveraging our AQ software solutions, Deloitte and EY will empower their clients to blaze a trail into the coming quantum age, securing their systems, producing new products and services, and maintaining a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving paradigm.

A Symbiotic Alliance

Deloitte and EY bring deep and wide expertise across key sectors that are ripe for quantum disruption. These firms will multiply the impact of our quantum software solutions across vertical markets like healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace, defense and other industries, and horizontals such as cybersecurity. Their client bases represent the world’s largest and most successful companies, whose transition to quantum will set the tone for others to follow. As trusted advisors to C-suite executives and other decision-makers, Deloitte and EY are uniquely positioned to help these champions of industry drive this highly complex transformation.

So what does SandboxAQ have to offer companies like Deloitte and EY? With our deep knowledge of AI and quantum tech, world-class team, and Alphabet pedigree, we know the unique challenges their clients face. And we know how to build the tools to address those challenges and industry-specific use cases. Deloitte and EY have the proven ability to deliver sophisticated technology into the most complex IT environments. They will implement our quantum solutions strategically and enable their customers to reap the benefits of quantum tech.

By aligning with Deloitte and EY, SandboxAQ will scale rapidly and more effectively deliver our AQ solutions to Global 1000 companies and other organizations that have the biggest stake in the evolution of quantum. Our joint clients will reap the benefits of deep industry and technical expertise and the commitment to delivering these organization's extensive value. And the timing couldn’t be better.

Preparing for Quantum Threats Now

Enterprises, governments, utilities, hospitals and other large organizations must protect their sensitive data and that of their citizens, clients and patients. These sectors have contended with data leaks of social security numbers and banking information and further experienced first-hand the disruption of ransomware attacks from hacker groups. And now our most sensitive data is at risk. Soon, the cryptosystems that the world currently relies on to protect such data will be easily cracked by a quantum computer. Adversaries are already carrying out SNDL (store now; decrypt later) attacks, exfiltrating and hoarding encrypted data until a quantum computer is available to unlock it. Imagine every single piece of personally identifying information, every confidential drug or chemical combination, the formula for the world’s most iconic brands, the nuclear codes and more, in the hands of commercial and government adversaries. As that day gets closer, we anticipate SNDL attacks will only increase.

In light of this threat, SandboxAQ is leading the way in transitioning to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC). With Deloitte and EY’s guidance, their premier global client base will be able to leverage SandboxAQ’s AI+quantum solutions to secure their data – without having to wait for viable quantum hardware. Transitioning to PQC will be a lengthy process, requiring extensive security audits and multiple phases of implementation. Experts estimate that more than 20 billion devices globally will need a software upgrade to become quantum-safe – these include mobile phones, laptops, servers and IOT devices. Additional efforts are needed for on-chip manufacturers and telecom networks. This process must begin immediately. Deloitte and EY will scale SandboxAQ’s cybersecurity solutions quickly and efficiently to meet that need.

The AQ Advantage: Simulation & Sensing

In addition to ensuring that their Global 1000 clients are protected from cyber threats, Deloitte and EY can leverage SandboxAQ’s quantum AI software solutions to tackle computationally intensive problems with the potential to transform businesses and earn a distinct competitive edge.

By pairing quantum tech with AI, SandboxAQ is helping to unlock revolutionary new products and services across industries. Quantum sensing can be used to enhance medical imaging, natural resource exploration, and navigation, while quantum simulation can model complex molecular processes to advance cures for Alzheimer’s or create stronger and lighter materials. Vaster simulations can even help us combat complex issues such as climate change.

Ushering in AQ

Deloitte and EY are global leaders in professional services, and their forward-looking clients will spearhead the quantum-powered future. SandboxAQ’s quantum AI solutions are already helping organizations across sectors mitigate risk and benefit from the transformative potential of quantum AI. With the strategic help and guidance of Deloitte and EY, that potential will grow in exciting new directions that will benefit the whole world.

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