Filling the VC Funding Void: Introducing SandboxAQ's Strategic Investment Program

August 12, 2022
SandboxAQ Strategic Investment ProgramSandboxAQ Strategic Investment Program

For the past few years, VC funds have poured billions of dollars into quantum technology startups, heralding a bright future filled with innovation and rapid advances. However, in the current macroeconomic environment, capital-raising efforts in the industry have stalled and innovation has taken a back seat.

SandboxAQ and EvolutionQ

To address the needs in the ecosystem, we at SandboxAQ are launching our Strategic Investment Program (SIP) and announcing our first investment: evolutionQ, a Canadian quantum cybersecurity company specializing in Quantum Key Distribution. QKD will play a key role in creating a secure, quantum-safe digital infrastructure, and complements our own efforts in the post-quantum cryptography (PQC) space. We were happy to participate in its recent $5.5 million Series A round of funding.

As a strategic investor we are committed to / have different incentives. We believe that the time to invest in the future is today.

We are working on a second investment at the moment, and we welcome startups and VCs to share promising companies with us by emailing us at or visiting this site.

With the SandboxAQ SIP, we are investing in themes that connect with AI + Quantum (AQ) technologies. These include quantum communications, quantum sensing, quantum computing and quantum algorithms and simulation.  On the cyber front there are key challenges from quantum computers that we all need to address.  Quantum technologies will also transform medicine, chemistry and many other sectors. This is an exciting time and we welcome your input as we help advance the ecosystem.

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