Bridging the Gap Between AI Education and Quantum Computing

September 25, 2023
Bridging the Gap Between AI Education and Quantum ComputingBridging the Gap Between AI Education and Quantum Computing

SandboxAQ invests significant resources in enhancing AI & Quantum education. Our goal is to spark enthusiasm and encourage individuals to pursue advanced degrees in quantum-related fields and careers. These initiatives aim to cultivate a robust workforce for the future of quantum technology and to address the worldwide shortage of skilled quantum professionals. 

Empowering Educators at the Ohio AI Education Summit

To this end, we recently participated in the 2023 Ohio AI Education Summit, a groundbreaking event that empowers educators with the tools they need to integrate AI into their curricula effectively. The summit provided a valuable platform for educators to discover how AI can be seamlessly woven into core subjects like English, History, Math, and Science, all while nurturing 21st-century skills in their students. The significance of this summit lies in its commitment to go beyond mere theory. Attendees not only heard about AI's potential but also engaged in hands-on activities with aiEDU modules, gaining a firsthand understanding of AI's foundational nature. Marianna Bonanome, our Head of Education Outreach, shared her expertise on the "Insights from the Cutting Edge of EdTech'' panel, providing valuable perspectives on how AI can be harnessed to revolutionize the classroom experience.

Quantum Computing Takes Center Stage at NYU Tandon's hAQathon

Continuing our efforts to bring quantum education to the classroom, we also partnered with NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering to host its first quantum computing “hAQathon” - a play on words in which the AQ stands for AI + Quantum. This pioneering event presented NYU Tandon students with an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the intricacies of quantum technology and gain hands-on experience in quantum programming. The oversubscribed event attracted more than 350 applicants, who participated in a week of classroom instruction led by QWorld, in order to qualify. Afterwards, students engaged with industry and academic professionals from across the quantum community, including Qrypt, Qunnect, Xanadu, NYU and SEEQ to learn about the exciting future opportunities in the quantum ecosystem. They also heard from fellow hacker, prodigy Reuben Paul, about his journey to learn about the field of Post Quantum Cryptography and its implications. They paired up into teams, met their hAQathon mentors, and received training on qBraid, the programming tool used to write their applications. The hAQathon culminates on September 30 when the teams will showcase their work in hopes of winning a prize – and bragging rights! We can’t wait to see what innovations these (hopefully!) future quantum engineers deliver. Watch this space for an update on the winners.

Quantum computing has garnered significant research and funding support over the past decade due to its transformative potential in solving critical problems. Recently, SandboxAQ sponsored the creation of a quantum photonics lab and is supporting programs to bring quantum education opportunities to undergraduates at the City University of New York. 

Similarly, we’re helping NYU Tandon develop a minor in Quantum Technology, using the hAQathon to showcase what students can expect to learn should they enroll in this groundbreaking program. Our hope is that our education outreach efforts will ignite curiosity and passion for quantum technology among students and educators, and drive the development of new programs and curricula that will prepare students for exciting careers at the intersection of quantum and AI.

If you’re interested in learning about SandboxAQ’s efforts to expand quantum education and create the quantum workforce of the future, please visit our education and PhD residency program pages. 

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