Connect with us at MWC Las Vegas

Join SandboxAQ global leader at the Mobile World Congress on 26-28 September 2023 to discuss about the Future of AI & Quantum.

A view from the Ecosystem seminar

Join us for the Second Post Quantum Network Seminar at MWC Las Vegas! The GSMA published the first Impact Assessment Whitepaper in February 2023, highlighting the security challenges and opportunities posed by the relentless pace of development in Quantum technologies. Come and join us to learn how the telecommunications industry prepares for the Quantum era and the transition toward Post Quantum cryptography.

The seminar will bring together ecosystem stakeholders, including perspectives from Government, network operators, technology vendors, integrators, standards, and open-source communities, to consider the progress, challenges, and opportunities in this rapidly evolving landscape, including:

Timely adoption of PQC affects the entire Telecommunication supply chain and is a complex, multi-year transformation. The GSMA Post Quantum Telco Network Task Force (PQTN) works across the whole ecosystem to ensure that the telco sector makes future-proof investments, prepares migration plans, and fosters new commercial opportunities such as delivery of Quantum safe services.

Quantum & AI: A Powerful Partnership

Join Mike Toney from SandboxAQ on September 28, 2023 as he discusses as a panel in the Quantum & AI: A Powerful Partnership. 

With compute speeds nearly 158 million times faster than the most sophisticated supercomputer, quantum computing could process in four minutes a request that a traditional supercomputer would take 10,000 years to do. A recent report revealed that the global quantum computing market size was valued at around USD 457.9 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 5274.9 million by 2030. Combine this compelling technology with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and we could unlock the infinite potential for solving societal and technological problems that are beyond the capabilities of our current understanding. This partnership could revolutionize tasks such as how we train AI effectively, how we detect fraud and enhance data security, and how it could unlock unprecedented possibilities in fields such as healthcare and security.

Watch CEO Jack Hidary and Research Mathematician Tai-Danae Bradley discuss the origins and purpose of SandboxAQ.

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